Welcome to ILOS - home for unique handmade products from ILOS natural leather made from masters to You.

ILOS means BEAUTIFUL , fine or good looking in older Southern-Estonian di
alect  A prefect example of the kind of long lasting and timeless beauty that we stand for. ILOS represent a result of best masters long work to value best material available - ILOS finished leather.

Our wish is to offer You something very special what is quite unique in the world and made specially for You - to make you unique and beautiful.

Here in ILOS you can choose for yourself different handmade one of a kind products made from our ILOS finished natural grain leather.

All shoes & boots, wallets & bags you find  here are made together by specially selected partners here in Baltic. Each our needed natural and iLOS finished natural leather we produce ourselves -
our design finished natural leather we produce only ourselves by our own special leather finish technology. 

We are glad to see that you are a person who likes to be with an individual look,
unique, one of a kind, be outside the box, ready to try something new, to have good quality - but even more important - we want you to feel that you are worth of it and it is made specially thinking of You. 

We can make matching footwear and bag or wallet collection both for men and woman

 Depending on the model & design we can make individual orders, small quantity orders
or bigger orders. Most models are here handmade so the quantity per month will be always with some limitations
Price range will depend on the model, design, ordered quantity, etc  - also if it is handmade or not. 

  In case of  handmade models & individual orders, we have possibilitie to  make footwear also exactly as per leg measures - like footwear tailor work. In some models cased wee can also make handmade orthopedic footwear.

  All products here are and will be made with complimentary to You and You only. We  hope that our products will put you to shine, to make you feel good even if sun is not shining and weather outside is bad or if anything in work made you feel bad.

We hope our products you wear or use will always make you feel special as you are special for us.

Any design in any of our models here, we can replace with other designs from our  design gallery and database. 

  All products we offer here are made here in Baltic states - from people whose main goal is to make a product with high quality - products what last and won't damage after the first time of usage. Black leather or Design finished natural leather - we make products you can use for long time 

In case of agreement you can design your products
 also by yourself, but it will be with our label.
It  may depend on models
or design type, etc -  but we always try to make the product specially for You. You are always welcome to ask about any model possibilities and get  our suggestions or pricing.

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